Chuck Cooper (Creative-Images)

Welcome to a little piece of my world. I have always enjoyed photography. I got my first real camera at an early age. A Pentax K1000 (fully manual). Cameras have changed a lot over the years.

Here are just some of the photos that I have taken. I have photos everywhere you look. I will be posting more and more in the coming days so be sure to check back often.

I got started in wedding photography when a guy I worked with asked me to take some at his wedding which was at his house. Very small wedding and maybe about 20 pictures. When photographing a wedding today I take hundreds of photos. They can then be put on a CD which is great option as you can print off as many as you want, saving money too. Be sure to ask about this option.

Many pictures are from around here in the Great Smokey Mountains. This is one of my favorite places in the world. My motto is: "A bad day in the cove beats a good day at work anytime!"

When not shooting weddings I am photographing wildlife. It is relaxing. You never see the same thing twice. My objective is: capturing and sharing Father God's creation/beauty man calls mother nature.

If you see an image you would like please contact me by email at or by phone at 865-384-5566.


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